Idyllic Restaurant in Santorini

The hotel 9 Muses is the perfect destination for food lovers. The local cuisine blends with the salty Mediterranean vibe, creating an ideal gourmet atmosphere for mouthwatering experiences. "Therpsichore" is known as one of the best restaurants in Santorini, offering delicacies made with biological local products and gastronomically perfected dishes. The menu a la carte is filled with traditional delights and topped with the astonishing setting of Santorini. The 9 muses resort is ideal for those seeking a gourmet full board hotel to satisfy their epicurean needs around the clock. It is also the perfect choice for those in search of a half board hotel, capable of fulfilling their need for a hearty breakfast with freshly squeezed biological fruits and a variety of delicacies.


Biological herbs, vegetables and local products are the main ingredients used by the chef. The a la carte menu, offers a variety of choices, based on the Mediterranean cuisine. "Terpsichori" is truly a unique restaurant in Santorini, as it combines gourmet tastes with idyllic surroundings and a friendly service. Whether our visitors look for a full board hotel or half board hotel, they choose to enjoy the delicate tastes offered in our restaurant.

Breakfast (American buffet): 07:30-10:30
Lunch (A la carte menu): 13:00-15:30
Dinner: 19:30-22:30
Lunch Basket: Lunch baskets available upon request. Requests for lunch baskets must be made the previous day at 19:00