Imagine a setting dominated by a heart stopping volcano, where endless black sand beaches intertwine with shiny gold beaches that stretch beyond the horizon. This surreal dream-like setting might sound like a fantasy world, but it is not. It is Cyclades and the lovely Santorini island Greece that is considered, one of the most, famous in Europe, due to the breathtaking sunset, spellbinding volcano, stylish Cycladic architecture and vigorous lifestyle. The thrilling Perivolos beach, known as the Santorini Black beach and the picturesque Kamari Beach, are two of the most famous beaches in Cyclades Greece.

Exploring the

traditional Santorini

Walking around the picturesque alleys of Santorini town, admiring the Cycladic architecture as the golden sun rays caresses the traditional Santorini cafes and shops, visitors find themselves enchanted by the mystique ambience of Santorini island Greece. The hypnotic volcano is the main attraction of the island, together with Perivolos Beach, the famous Santorini black beach and Kamari Beach, some of the most trendy summer spots. Santorini is, amongst islands in Cyclades, one of the most popular destinations in Greece. Apart from the volcano and the heart stopping sunset, visitors can enjoy long walks in the villages, while travelling to times gone by with the beautiful Cycladic architecture. The famous Perivolos beach, known worldwide as the Santorini Black Beach, and the astonishing Kamari beach are considered amongst the most beautiful beaches in Greece.


Santorini Island, Greece

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